The Policy Experience/ PEXL is a place to start the conversation, and capture the energy, about a new way to do policy in Western Australia

An environment of rapid social change radically moves the expectations we have for public policy. We need new capabilities if we want to develop innovative responses to the most complex policy challenges of our time. What if we did policy differently?

PEXL is a place for these ideas - an exploration of how we might develop policy in a way that is more transparent, collaborative and shared. A robust design-led methodology balances the traditional evidence base with the lived experience of the people most impacted. Policy becomes a responsibility, not just of government, but of the wider civil society and of the citizenry. 

The conversations and ideas need a home - but they also need partners willing to take them into action. 

If your organisation, whether Government Body, Not-for-profit, Education or Corporate, is a partner we need, please make contact.  

Who is behind PEXL?/ PEXL is the result of a number of conversations building between motivated individuals in government and the not-for-profit sector.

​ This website is maintained by Katie Stubley and Jethro Sercombe, two Western Australian social designers, on behalf of the organisations and citizens connected. It's Katie or Jethro who will respond if you connect. Keep checking back to see where it develops. 

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